Brightstar constructing cutting-edge supply chain platform

Dynamic emerging trends in consumer behaviour and in the mobile industry driving digital transformation of the supply chain landscape

MELBOURNE, Australia, November 10, 2016 — Brightstar, the world’s leading mobile services company for managing devices and accessories across the wireless ecosystem, today announced the launch of a project that will change the face of wireless and retail supply chain management through the development of an new platform called “summiT.”

The innovative summiT platform, which will first be released to the Australian market in April 2017, will provide a panoramic view from a command centre at the top of the retail supply chain, providing visibility of all moving parts from ordering, delivering, and returning to redistributing. This cloud-based and modular platform was built based on Brightstar’s experience managing outsourced supply chains for the world’s leading mobile carriers, and it will allow carriers and a wide range of retailers to make their supply chains more nimble, scalable and customer-centric – something the industry desperately needs.

“The industry is facing a crossroads, and businesses must seek a digital transformation within their logistics management to face a world of more consumer options; frequent product introductions, fluctuating lifecycles, and more,” said Mariela Millington, Chief Information Officer APAC, Brightstar. “Our customers need complete transparency of each echelon that will bring the ability to make completely informed decisions on what levers to pull in market.”

The world of wireless retail has advanced increasingly to an omnichannel shopping experience, with some dynamic trends emerging in consumer behaviour, coupled with evolving device functionality and lifecycles, are affecting the current supply chain landscape. As businesses start to offer world-class digital shopping experiences, their supply chains are often left lagging behind. A recent study[1] by Boston Consulting Group showed that supply chain leaders who have invested in digital supply chain management are seeing increases in product availability of up to 10 per cent and more than 25 per cent faster response times to changes in market demand.

“summiT provides the intelligence to the supply chain. It’s the planning, visibility and engine room providing the end to end, unobstructed visibility within the supply chain for any layer of the business, from logistics managers to online customer service representatives and even in-store sales assistants,” Millington said. “It’s like replacing multiple individual snapshots with software providing a panoramic live-stream picture for real-time socialising.”

The platform will enable team members across the business to not only watch real-time, but also take immediate action on issues should they need to change an order cycle or, at a macro level, change business rules. For example, centrally, dictating the movement of stock from one store to another all the way to changing the business process for some or all warranty returns from a twice a week pick up to a daily pick up to reduce cycle time. Additionally, this will provide speed to market by enabling Brightstar customers to see what’s in stock, assign channels, shuffle allocations around, reserve stock for promotions, and more.

To deliver the summiT platform to carriers and retailers, Brightstar has joined forces with HCL Technologies, a leading global IT services company. This partnership leverages the deep supply chain experience that Brightstar is proud of, with HCL’s depth and breadth of technology expertise.

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