Brightstar Australia offers the full portfolio of Brightstar device and accessory distribution and value-added services to a broad range of mobile carrier, retail and OEM customers. We serve 500+ individual customers and distribute to 3,000+ outlets nationally. In Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, Brightstar pioneered many of its world-class supply chain services driven by a unique set of customised processes, industry leading tools and world-class teams of mobile supply chain experts. In addition to our Australia operations, our Asia-Pacific headquarters is region is also located in Melbourne.


Bounce Mobile

Each year millions of handsets are being rejected, replaced and simply lie in a drawer gathering dust. Bounce Mobile are a mobile phone recycling service offering customers the choice to turn their old mobiles into cash in only a few simple steps, by valuing your phone, sending it to the team and receiving cash for your mobile all in a matter of days.



Prepaid Partners

Brightstar Logistics Pty Ltd also operates Prepaid Partners Pty Ltd, which is Telstra’s accredited distributor of its range of prepaid products. Our knowledge and experience of the Prepaid category has been paramount to our success, and we are keen to share our knowledge and experience with you. To contact Prepaid Partners, contact our sales team at 1300 773 777 or