From the factory floor to the consumers’ hands, our portfolio of end-to-end services is designed specifically to your needs.

Channel Management

New and used devices always have a home with us. We can bring you more opportunities for new and existing sales channels such as enterprise, retail, ecommerce and more across 100 countries. And we can meet critical channel demand with cost-effective procurement, forecasting, promotions, and new product introductions.

  • Achieve Enterprise Mobility
  • Active order management
  • Outbound Sales
  • Order Management and Maintenance
  • Credit Support Management
  • Auction Management
Manufacturing Services

Local assembly for a global advantage—Brightstar assembles millions of devices each year for customers like you. So, rest assured we can help you assemble smartphones, tablets, and laptops in various locations around the world, giving you the power to meet regional regulations and get to market faster.

  • Factory assembly & production operations
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Credit & collection
  • Regulatory support
  • Local licensing & authorization

Moving devices from point A to point B (and even to a point C) is a complex process, but we’ll simplify it for you. No matter if it’s going forward or reverse, we move more than a hundred of million devices each year. With nearly 20 years of industry leadership behind us, we’re the world’s leading wireless distributor, so you know we can manage the flow of your goods with unrivaled expertise and efficiency.

  • Procurement
  • Customization & kitting
  • Order management
  • Importation & duties
  • Returns management
  • Warehousing across millions of sq. ft. worldwide

Online or in-store? B2B or B2C? Print or digital? All of the above? No problem. Our marketing services are designed to help you gain market share and maximize sales, regardless of the channel.

  • Print & digital advertising
  • eCommerce & UX design
  • email marketing
  • Packaging design
  • Point-of-Purchase promotions