Accessories—Brightstar Beyond Handsets

Phones were just the beginning

In today’s connected world, handsets are the portal controlling the ecosystem of products that make our lives easier, more productive, and fun. From chargers to headphones to smart watches—and anything else the Internet of Things throws this way—Brightstar is here to help you grow accessory sales and maximize profits.

Operators, Retailers, Dealers, Enterprise, and Manufacturers

Accessory sales are rising year over year, and there’s a piece of the pie waiting for you. That’s why our suite of services has something for everyone.

No matter who you are, we know what works and how to make it work for you.


Training & Education

This is the first step in increasing attachment rates. We’ll not only provide the necessary training to help increase your sales of high-end, specialized accessories, but we’ll also reduce employee turnover and improve staff productivity.

Virtual Inventory

Keep a robust portfolio even without inventory on hand. Our Virtual Inventory Program gives your consumers a wide range of accessories available for delivery direct to their homes or to your stores, with no additional costs.

Merchandising & Promotions

Drive incremental in-store sales through seasonal displays, prescriptive promotions, and new planogram designs. Our relationships with manufacturers ensure we get it right and you succeed.

Accessory Management

Take the guesswork out of accessories—we know what sells. Our forecasting and analytics across channels tells us about the right products for you at the right time at the right price.

Logistics (for OEMs and Suppliers)

We’re the leading distributor of specialized products in wireless—because we do a lot more than move boxes. We won’t simply bring your products to market, we’ll give you access to retailers, dealers, and enterprises in more than 50 countries across six continents.

OEMs & Suppliers

You’ve made a product worth talking about. Now let’s talk sales.

Successful distribution in the ultra-competitive accessories market requires much more than simply shipping products to stores. OEMs need a partner with the expertise, network and commitment to market these advanced products and get them into the hands of the right consumers.

Want to become a vendor? Drop us a line.

For OEMs & Suppliers

Tell us about your company and how your products differentiate themselves from your competitors. Please be sure to include:

  • Product catalog with pricing and MSRP
  • A list of distributors with whom you’re under contract
  • Basic company information such as your D&B rating, total size of your business, annual revenue, etc.

For Operators, Retailers, Dealers & Enterprises

We’ll show you how you can start increasing sales of accessories and other enhanced products. Please select your region below to get started.

Note: We receive a large volume of requests, so please allow 2 to 3 weeks for our initial response.

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