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Reverse Product Solutions

Every year, consumers return millions of wireless devices for repair, refurbishment, resale or recycling. Talk about a lot of moving parts.

That’s why Brightstar designed a suite of solutions to optimize and simplify your entire process. From customer touch points to smart logistics, we cut your risk and time, optimize device value, reduce inventory holding and smooth the journey for your customers.

Our Services


Use technology for smoother, faster, less expensive returns. automateiT supports all aspects of reverse, across all channels. It makes your business simpler, saves you money, and leads to happier customers.


Unlock your supply chain potential. We assemble the resources, capabilities, and technology of both our organization and yours to manage reverse products deployment — returns, reselling, and recycling — from both the device and customer perspective.


Give your consumers the highest-quality “As New” devices — at the lowest cost to you. We provide data wiping, refreshing, and repairing services that transform a previously owned device to a grade A product, with best-in-class quality and the lowest industry cost.

Customer Value

The Technology

Our technology platform underpins the whole suite, creating a foolproof, step-by-step process for consumer-facing employees. In a snap, reps can run diagnostics, flash an OS, complete transactions, and more. It’s ultra-fast, requires less training than alternatives, and is proven to reduce device returns — good news for your bottom line.

Fully Customizable

Best of all, our solutions are customizable. Take advantage of our full end-to-end offering, or choose one that fits your business best:

What can we do for you?

Avoid unnecessary returns. Increase customer satisfaction. Faster device set up. Eliminate human errors. Faster data transfer. Reduce employee turnover. Reduce staffing cost. Optimize device margins.

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